Mary Lentzen

 I’m Mary Lentzen – born in Pennsylvania, raised in Chicago, worked in western New York during my career and moved to Golden Gates Estates in 2015. My husband of 42 years and I share our home with two cats. We like to work in the yard and we enjoy making stained glass windows. Besides volunteering at the Pelican Community Center, I also volunteer at St. Matthew’s House food pantry and as a Classroom Aide at Herbert Cambridge Elementary School. 

Retiring after 30 years with Corning Incorporated as a Materials Engineer, Corporate Buyer and Engineering Manager, I needed activities to keep my brain active so I decided to learn Spanish. I heard about Spanish classes at Pelican Community Center and soon came to appreciate the people and mission there. I wanted to contribute and repay for my Spanish classes so I volunteered to help teach English as a Second Language (ESL). I really enjoy researching ESL methods and preparing lessons. I understand the struggles of learning a new language as an adult and we have lots of fun in class!