Bill Holderby

Bill is a self-employed businessman who lives with his wife Dulce here in Naples.

They are both committed Christians that know God guides them on all of their journeys.  They came over from Ft. Lauderdale about 6 years ago and now each has their own business.  He has a professional drone business and enjoys sharing and helping others.

Bill had looked up possible places to volunteer, as he likes to give of his time and skills and chose to come to Pelican Church to help teach English as a second language.  His wife is Dominican, and he is also quite familiar with the Mexican culture, as well the Latino culture and is semi – bi-lingual.  Helping teach English to a predominantly Hispanic group of people was a natural fit. 

He enjoys the people and the variety of backgrounds and stories and looks forward to not only helping people learn English, but also assimilating and prospering in the United States.