Pastor Mark Eisold – Director

Pastor Eisold holds a Master of Divinity Degree, with studies in Greek, Hebrew and Japanese.  Pastor Mark is also fluent in Spanish and  lived five years in Peru as a missionary.

Maximo Maldonado – Ministerial Assistant, Spanish Instructor

Maximo holds a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree and is a licensed instructor in Spanish.  Maximo was an instructor for several Venezuela Petroleum Oil Companies.  He was employed as a Spanish instructor with the Episcopal Restoration Academy School and Hoover High School, located in Birmingham, Alabama.

Holly Peterson-Ramos – Volunteer Office Manager/Grants & Communications Specialist

Holly has been employed in the public and private sector.  Her background began with employment in administration for private universities in Southern California.  In 2006, she began working with nonprofits and was employed with the Center for the Visually Impaired, located in Daytona Beach, Florida. In 2013, she was employed with The Assistance Fund, located in Orlando, Florida.  This agency provided financial support for individuals with chronic illnesses. 

Volunteers:  We use approximately 85 volunteers annually.  They assist us with our English Literacy and Conversational Spanish Classes, special events, property maintenance, clerical work.